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Valley View Farm - Produce Gardening Sustainable Living

I have had a wide variety of experiences in my life;  together they built an environment in which I have been able to feel confident in developing Valley View Farm. My focus turned to making every effort to be a good steward of sustainability and sharing my experiences with others. Urban farming, including such things as animal husbandry and earth & hydroponics gardens, has been a fulfilling accomplishment. I have also had background in construction and woodworking. My farm was built for free with repurposed wood, fencing, bricks and roofing; and animals I might add. I have had extensive experience with alternative green building practices: rammed earth, straw bale, log and repurposed tire building among them.

I teach classes in cheese making starting with milking the goats and walking through the entire process for both soft and aged hard cheeses; some additional classes include topics such as gardening, composting, hydroponics and canning; animal husbandry and repurposing material. As a result it has been possible to provide organic produce, milk, cheese and eggs for my family as well as my local community and neighborhood store. Baby goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and turkeys have been sold to start others on the road to urban farming.

We welcome you to come and visit our farm, please contact us for availability.

Valley View Farm - Produce Gardening Sustainable LivingValley View Farm - Produce Gardening Sustainable Living